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"Best of the Best", Herbal Smoke and Herbal Smoking Blends. We specialize in herbal alternatives to harmful tobacco products and illegal substances like. The best part is our exotic and rare herbal smoke and herbal smoking blends are 100% natural herbs and contain no additives, tobacco, or Ephedra. Our products are simply powerful herbs or blends of herbs that are highly-effective and 100% legal, so you don't have to worry about ever failing a drug test. And if you are worried about that take it to the next level with FAKE PEE and full false penis kit.

As you know, there are hundreds of alternative smoke and herbal smoking blends out there for sale and retailers sell so many different brands that it’s impossible to separate the "hype-and-BS" from the reality. Not so at Godbud.com. We don’t distract ourselves with other products like some sellers. Our single-minded focus is to provide only the best, proven "smoke" for your discriminating tastes - for the ultimate "smoking" experience.

How do we do this? Quite simply, we do the "legwork" for you. At Godbud.com, we thoroughly research all of our Marijuana alternative products before we offer them to our customers; to bring you only the best and most effective blends available anywhere. We are totally committed to excellence, and to giving you the absolute best value - always.

Providing only the "Best of the Best" to you certainly limits the number of products we can offer - but we simply won’t do business any other way. We don’t make false claims about our products, and continually refuse to sell products that do not measure up to our "high" standards.


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Okay - maybe we are obsessed with quality - but it’s because we know that your business and loyalty are what really matters. We know that we must provide the best products; at the best possible price, to earn your trust. And we also know that your satisfaction and support are essential to our business - without you, there is no "us".

Word-of-mouth advertising is said to be the "best" - so if you enjoy what we offer, please tell your friends and family. And if you ever have any questions about our products or services, please feel free to use the support form on the websites you order from. They offer fast and reliable customer service, or we wouldn't have it on our site.

357 Magnum LED grow light


357 Magnum LED Grow Light
The future is here, and it has been kind. For all of you cannabis cultivators out there this will come as good news, there is finally an LED grow light that actually works for producing killer, potent buds. Previous technology proved to be lacking in the bud area and only worked for vegging, however with new diodes, focused beam technology, and just more power these new LED grow lights are showing to be very beneficial when it comes to growing marijuana.

Checkout the new grow journal featuring this LED grow light.


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